Isle of Mull, April 2017

Wildlife photography is very much all about committing huge amounts of time in the pursuit of a picture that is truly memorable. This could be hours; weeks even months spent waiting for something to happen. But the result of a few seconds of luck is often worth all of the involvement.

Occasion’s when events unfold before you on an off chance like this don't come around very often, even less so for me when I have a camera in my hand. So to come across a juvenile White-tailed Eagle perched on the side of a loch just meters from the road seemed like the wildlife spotting gods were looking favourably on me. What unfolded after this was truly astonishing and an event that I think will probably be my greatest wildlife encounter ever.





Totally immersed in snapping away at the young Eagle I hadn’t taken in the Otter feeding on its catch just feet away to the left of the Eagle, and it wasn’t until the Eagle took to the wing and started dive bombing something on the shoreline that I realised exactly what was going on. Enjoying a rather tasty looking brunch the Otter was merrily minding his own business when out of nowhere an 8ft behemoth swooped down to try and scavenge its catch. Unlike the school bullies stealing the weedy kids lunch the Otter just flicked his head matrix style out of the way avoiding the huge open talons that hurried towards it and carried on without a care in the world.




3 Unsuccessful attempts later the Eagle gave it up as a bad job and flew off to harass something else, Leaving the other 7 or 8 people and myself buzzing from witnessing such an awesome spectacle of nature. Whilst the Otter enjoyed the remainders of its fish! The Isle of Mull delivering for me yet again!