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Born in 1986 and raised in Hampshire, Martin Clay has spent his whole life enthralled by the wonders of natural history. From a childhood clothed in the latest of his mother’s animal themed knitted woollen jumpers attending the village school in Longparish, Hampshire. To spending hours after work walking the various footpaths nearby armed with camera and binoculars in the hope of a glimpse at something special.

Having spent his childhood in the company of his father, a gamekeeper, and Grandfather who worked the land for 50 plus years, Martins passions for the great outdoors and the flora and fauna the local area has to offer have only developed further.

After buying his first DSLR Camera in 2011, Martins spare time has flowed into the creative world of nature & landscape photography a great way to document and explore the natural world at his fingertips.

Since 2011 Martins love of photography has only grown stronger, with various kit upgrades and wish lists in the never ending world of photographic technology. Martin now has half a dozen or more lenses in his several quite chunky kit bags, from wide angle and macro lenses to one rather hefty long telephoto perfect for capturing photos of small birds and distant mammals.

Alongside weekend jaunts around the South of the UK in search of local wildlife specialty’s or passing rarities. Martin has also been on numerous trips to the Scottish highlands and islands, locations abundant with breath-taking wildlife and landscapes. In particular the Isle of Mull, a place he would very much like to call home one day, where wildlife is undisturbed and waiting for the keen photographer around every corner.

In 2013 after lots of badgering from family and friends, Martin produced his first ever Calendar, with demand outstripping supply some Greetings cards soon followed. Both showcasing some of Martins favourite photographs and wild encounters. The range of items available in Martins Online shop today are a result of this initial foray into the printed photography world.

Still resident in rural Hampshire, Martin continues to seek out and capture the finest of the UK’s wildlife photographically and enjoy the delights of being out in the wild.